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Window-door systems

Aluminium structures are gaining new popularity and appreciation among the Clients and therefore are more and more often used in public utility, industrial and private buildings.

Aluminium doors and windows are resistant to weather conditions, ensure safety, thermal and acoustic insulation. They can be filled with a single or combined glass pane (single or double-chamber). They are powder-painted with any colour of RAL palette. Thermal system allows for painting on both sides. In case of wood-imitation colours it is possible to use laminates by Renolit or to apply wood-imitation lacquer.

We perform window and door structures of profiles with thermal insulation (so-called warm, external) or without thermal insulation (so-called cold, internal).

Openable windows are in standard version equipped with fittings (side hung, bottom hung, tilt and turn) with manual regulation of the leaf pressure on the window frame, micro ventilation and a handle. They can be additionally fitted with balcony latch (in balcony doors), handle with a key and hung section on the waist level (for bottom hung windows).

We manufacture both single and double-leaf doors, automatic doors, slide doors and swing door of various dimensions. In standard version the fitting includes one lock with an insert with three keys and a standard colour handle. It is possible to use handrails and stainless steel handles.

Econoline (EL)


ECOLINE is a system without thermal insulation, intended for development of internal partitions - fixed partitions as well as partitions with windows and doors. Profile width of 51 mm (6 mm more than standard width commonplace on the market) guarantees a lot freedom for designers and comfort for contractors. The system enables the use of glass pane sets with thickness of 3-38 mm. Glass panes are fixed and sealed in leaf rebates by means of glazing beads of aluminium sections and seals. Ecoline system is compatible with other Aliplast systems: joint glazing beads, seals, corners and fittings. Ecoline system includes a version of door profiles with a special pre-shaped fitting eurogroove used for installation of clamping rebate hinges. Subsystem INNERWALL is a specific supplementation of Ecoline system. It is perfectly suitable for performance of office development – it is a plain frame filled with lacquered strips. It is possible to use external Venetian blinds. 


  • doors and partition wall segments intended for general use in public utility and industrial buildings (in office rooms)
  • it is possible to install ECOLINE doors in partition walls made of ECOLINE segments or in other walls of any given structure, according to the technical design of the building
  • potential development of slide and swing doors, connection of wall at any angle and reinforcement of already-developed and installed elements.

Imperial (IP)


It is a three-chamber system intended for construction of external doors, windows and all types of window displays. Thermal break 24 mm wide used in the profiles, reinforced multidirectional glass-fibre, considerably improves mechanical resistance of the internal and external chambers in the profiles. The thermal break is additionally equipped with Coex sealing thread that forms a reliable moisture insulation and an excellent vapour barrier during the process of heat treatment of the powder-varnished profiles. IMPERIAL door profiles have heat transfer coefficient of UR=2.2÷2.3 W/m2K, which ranks them in the material group 2.1 according to DIN 4108. Owing to parametres: significant width of profiles equal to 65 mm (window and door frames, columns, door leaves) and 74 mm (window leaves) and wall thickness 1.7÷2.0 mm a rigid, static profile has been achieved, which enables construction of doors with maximum leaf dimensions: width 1 300 mm - with maximum height of 2 200 mm, width 1 200 mm - with maximum height of 2 400 mm. System for filling fixing: from 4 to 51 mm (enabling also external glazing), use of branded fittings as well as a wide array of threshold solutions make the system state-of-the-art and universal. IMPERIAL windows offer the advantage of proper matching of the leaf to the window dimensions (several types of window frames and leaves) and enable selection of the leaf depending on the fittings – some windows are suitable especially for aluminium fittings, according to EURO standard, as well as to PVC fittings.


  • window displays glazed with combined glass panes and single glass
  • tilt and turn, side hung, bottom hung, bottom hung and slide windows
  • outward, inward opened doors, single and double-leaf, with additional glass panels
  • swing and slide doors
  • rotating windows with vertical and horizontal rotation axis



  • three-chamber system
  • installation depth of 65 mm
  • leaf width of 88.5, width of door frame - 61.5 mm, frame+leaf=134 mm (more narrow by 5 mm that earlier Imperial type)
  • thermal break: 24 mm
  • system is based on Imperial system’s solutions: the use of existing glass seals, glass pane pads, glazing beads
  • it is possible to close the finishing profile IP422 (white, black or grey) in the intermediate chamber
  • threshold with thermal insulation possible for dismantling after installation of the door in the opening
  • available adaptive profiles for installation of structures of series IP800 to Imperial window displays
  • good intrusion-resistance properties (lock is located far from the outer side)
  • possible glazing from the inside

Superial (SP)


System of increased thermal insulation. Owing to three-chamber thermal break, chamber central seal and special glazing seals the system achieves coefficient UR < 2.0 W/m2K (material group 1.0 according to standard DIN 4108). The depth of window frames and profiles for fixed installation equals 75 mm. The depth of window leaves is 84 mm. Superial system relies on accessories (corners, T connectors) as well as glazing beads and fittings from other systems with thermal insulation. The system ensures very good acoustic properties. It is possible to use filling 14-61 mm thick.


  • all types of doors, windows and external window displays
  • tilt and turn, side hung, bottom hung, bottom hung and slide windows
  • inward opened doors, based on a modified window leaf


Window-door system of higher thermal insulation.

  • three-chamber system
  • thermal insulation coefficient: Uf ranges from 0.6 to 1.23 W/m2K.
  • thermal break 45 mm wide made of innovative materials
  • structural depth of sections: 90 mm - framing and 99 mm - leaf
  • possible fitting of the doors with a system of rolling hinges of very big load-bearing capacity
  • new standard of overlapping profile and glass pane (increased depth means significantly better thermal and structural properties of the system)
  • innovative system of water drainage from the structure (no visible elements blinding drainage holes)
  • the same type of insulation filling in the window leaf and window frame
  • reduced number of glazing beads and seals with the glazing continuity maintained depending on the package thickness
  • new type of a corner, preventing collision screw/corner when bolting surface elements of fittings for a PVC groove
  • possible glazing from the outside
  • solutions used in STAR system enable designing structures with features of other Aliplast systems: renovation Luxus system, steel-imitation Steel Look system or Vision system (hidden glass), while retainings properties of STAR system
  • modern design

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