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Facades are modern glass curtain walls that perform a representative and decorative function in an apartment or a company seat. The buildings with facades get a modern update. Apart from strictly visual advantages they offer a clear benefit of optimum illumination of the building interior with natural light.

Exceptional static parameters of aluminium and natural lightness of the structure combines functionality, effectiveness and abundance of forms. Stable system enables easy installation even on significant heights.



Light curtain wall system. Curtain wall MC-Wall consists of vertical columns and horizontal bolts connected with each other by means of stainless steel pins. 2 or 3 stainless steel conntectors Ø 6 for one node ensure a very high load-bearing capacity of column-bolt connection both as regards the impact of wind as well as the load of glass pane. It does exclude the possibility of using traditional bolt supports or installing them only by means of screws from the front. The solution consisting of a bolt integrated with thermal break makes the installation of facade wall much faster. The choice of a break depends on the thickness of filling in the curtain wall. It is possible to use filling of thickness from 24 to 31 mm in case of bolts with corrugated thermal break and up to 42 mm for bolts with separate thermal break. On the wall installation location plastic insulation profile is injected into the columns. The column structure is always traditional: thermal break, clamping and covering strips are separate elements. The whole curtain wall structure may be finished from the outside with various types of decorative-covering strips with rounded edges, so-called “soft line” and traditional, rectangular strips.



A variant of curtain wall with no visible external aluminium elements. From the outside we can see only glass filling separated from each other by means of structural silicone. Glass sets include special pre-shaped pockets and gutter for installation tiles used to fix filling to the framing of the curtain wall.

MC Passive

A curtain wall system of higher thermal insulation.


System Flat Wall is a system consisting of a light curtain wall of column-bolt structure. The main advantage of this solution is the creation of an external, smooth and flat glass pane and aluminium profiles. The structural wall effect (where glass panes are glued with structural silicone) is achieved through mechanical fixing of composite glass panes to aluminium framing of the curtain wall. Visual width of column profiles and bolts equals 76 mm.

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