Nitus | Automatic systems for garage gates

Drives for garage gates

The offer of “NITUS” company includes drives for garage gates by renowned producers. These automatic systems ensure smooth operation of garage gates. They are distinguished by simple operation, reliability, high durability and a long service life. They enable comfortable and faultless operation of gates over many years.

The sets of automatic systems for gates that are included in our regular offer are presented below.

Basic sets:

I. Somfy

  • Dexxo Optimo
    • Dexxo Optimo head
    • Rail 2.9 m long; 3.5 m; 4.5 with a chain
    • RTS radio receiver
    • Keytis 2-channel remote control
  • Dexxo PRO 100
    • Dexxo PRO 1000 RTS Head
    • Rail 2.9 m long; 3.5 m; 4.5 with a chain
    • Radio receiver with RTS
    • Keygo 4-channel remote control

It is also possible to adjust the drive set to specific expectations in order to meet the most demanding requirements of the user.

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