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Swing doors

The product has a simple structure and is very easy to operate. Its reliability makes this type of doors very popular among our Clients.

  • door framing is made of zinc-coated elements while the door leaf is filled with trapezoidal sheet T-10
  • door structure makes it very stable and at the same time light, ensuring safe and comfortable usage
  • doors are opened vertically upward towards the slab
  • it is possible to use thermal insulation, intermediate doors and windows
  • doors in standard version are equipped with a lock and can be additionally equipped with automatic closing and opening system

technical specification

Technical specification of swing garage doors

Structure: the door is made of zinc-coated pre-shaped closed profile 72x38, 60x40 or 60x60 (depending on the type of swing doors). The door leaf is filled with trapezoidal sheet T-10.

Equipment: the door is equipped with sealing, dual-bolt lock with self-latches, installation set (perforated angle 2 linear metre, connector for guides), protective casing of springs (single-spring version).

Thermal insulation - thermal and acoustic insulation.

Safety: the doors are equipped with sets of springs, which reduces the risk of damage to the doors, or with single springs with a casing ensuring protection against accidental crushing.

Comfort: entrance gate option ensures access to the garage without the need to open the whole door.

visual specification


Door designs

Vertical narrow

Vertical wide

Vertical narrow

Horizontal wide

Swing garage door in standard version is available in the following colours:





Ash grey

The client can also choose door in a wood-like colour:

Golden oak


Hinged door can also be ordered in any of more than 200 hundred colours of the RAL colour range.

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