Nitus | Free-hanging blinds Vegas Cover

Big Size is not a Challenge 

it is a classic, free-hanging blind in half-cassette of increased capacity. The blind can be installed outside the window recess (above the window or to the ceiling) or in the recess. It is perfect for covering larger surface areas.
The advantage of this blind is its possible removal and repeated installation, which does not require unscrewing of installation brackets.


1. Variants of the cover and blinds’ performance: ALU
2. Variant of the blinds: standard and ‘day and night’
3. Colour variants of longitudinal elements:
- Lacquered elements: white, brown, anthracite, grey, golden oak
- Laminated elements: none
4. Installation variants: to the wall and to the ceiling
5. Guides variant: none
6. Possible removal from the window: yes
Max. height: 260 cm
Max. width: 280 cm

More information about VEGAS systems is available online:

Projekt i wykonanie   Virtual3D
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