Nitus | Blinds with strand guides Vegas Mini

The Charm of Simple Solutions

Vegas Mini is a blind without cassette with strand guide. It is the cheapest textile blind system installed on the window leaf. Minimum cost does not negate numerous advantages. By contrast to competitive solutions the blind strands are set under the fabric rather than next to it. This means you will not catch them when opening the window and the blind does not catch the window handle. Due to its light structure the blind looks perfect on each window.


1. Variants of the cover and blinds’ performance: none
2. Variant of the blinds: standard and ‘day and night’
3. Colour variants of longitudinal elements:
- Lacquered elements: white, brown, anthracite
- Laminated elements: golden oak, walnut, mahogany, 
 marsh oak, pine, winchester, anthracite
4. Installation variants: Non-invasive, bolted
5. Guides variant: strand guides
6. Possible removal from the window: yes
Max. height: 230 cm
Max. width: 170 cm

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