Nitus | USWW - openwork filling

USWW NITUS - Universal System of Internal Partitions by NITUS

NITUS deals with production and installation of storage rooms that represent a universal solution for division of additional storage space for residents of multi-family buildings. They meet diverse requirements posed by the user, investor, general contractor and fire safety laws.

The solution we propose consists of partition walls made of columns, partitions and single or double-leaf gates, possibly also slide ones.

Our offer includes five types of fillings both for partitions and gates.

USWW NITUS - Universal System of Internal Partitions with openwork filling by NITUS

Due to its openwork structure the filling provides a compromise between privacy protection and relevant interior ventilation. Its attractive price makes it the most frequently used filling of USWW NITUS

Zinc-coated sheet 0.5 mm

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