Nitus | USWW - full filling

USWW - Universal System of Internal Partitions

Partition walls for basement and attic rooms must meet various requirements of the investor, user, general contractor as well as fire safety law and building manager.

USWW NITUS-P- Universal System of Internal Partitions with full filling by NITUS

USWW-P variant is an extension of variant USWW-A. The filling is characterised by created, closed surface between louvres which basically offers full privacy. It is an excellent and cheap alternative for brickwork walls. Adequate inflow of air is ensured by space between the floor and ceilings. Room ventilation can potentially be increased with the use of openings (type USWW-Pwt) or perforations (type USWW - Prv) in elements of partitions’ system.


Zinc-coated sheet 0.7 mm


Zinc-coated sheet 0.5 mm

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