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Fire-safety and smoke-proof joinery

The awareness of fire risk in residential buildings, public utility and industrial facilities has been growing. Specific safety criteria shall therefore be fulfilled in buildings visited by many people.

The basic function of fire safety joinery is to separate fire compartments from each other. The spreading of fire and smog is prevented, which reduces the destructive impact on the facility and enables quick evacuation.

Doors, windows and window displays

System MB-78 is used to perform internal or external fire compartments with single or double-leaf door of fire resistance classEI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60 or EI 90, according to standard PN-EN 13501-2:2010. Numerous research and calculations have also proved that products made of this system provide very good thermal (Uf from 1.60 W/m2K) and acoustic (to 40 dB) insulation. Due to its characteristics, optimisation of production technology, compatibility with other window-door systems and constant technical progress, the system is very popular in its product class and has a wide scope of application on the construction market.

The structure of system MB-78EI is based on aluminium profiles with thermal insulation, whose depth is equal to 78 mm. They are characterised by low heat transfer coefficient due to, among other, the use of special, pre-shaped thermal breaks 34 mm wide in their structure. The structure resistance to high temperature is ensured by special elements of fire insulation of GKF or CI introduced into internal chambers of profiles and insulation space between profiles and steel accessories and connectors.

The filling thickness in system MB-78EI is 6-49 mm. The filling can be made of all typical fire proof glass panes as well as layered non-transparent elements consisting of sheet and relevant panels enabling required fire protection. Additionally smog-tight structures can be achieved within this system.

Angle wall connectors available in the system, profile bending and arch structure development options as well as the use of angled sashes and decorative muntins applied on glass affect forms and aesthetics of the development.

The scope of permissible structural dimensions includes fixed partitions up to 4 m of height and swing door with leaf dimensions up top 1.4 x 2.5 m. Doors of system MB-78EI can be installed both individually, within larger structures of glazed walls as well as on fire safety elevations of systems MB-SR50EI and MB-SR50N EI. Great structural potential, freedom of choosing various hinges, locks, self-latches and other ironwork as well as optimised production technology are only some of the many advantages of this system. It also enables execution of automatic slide doors MB-78EI DPA of fire resistance class EI15 or EI30. Additionally it functions as the basis for the structure of non-muntin walls MB-78EI, walls MB-11EI that allow for achievement of rise resistance class EI120.

System MB-78EI has been awarded a technical approval of the Building Research Institute number AT-15-6006/2012 as well as British certificate CERTIFIRE number CF 5138

Automatic slide doors

System MB-78 EI DPA is used for fire partitions with single or double-leaf automatic slide doors with fire resistance class EI15 or EI30. It relies on a popular system MB-78EI which has been used in numerous realisations and which provides the majority of components. It is based on three-chamber aluminium profiles of structural depth equal to 78 mm with thermal break of 34 mm. Internal chambers of profiles as well as insulation spaces between the profiles are filled with fire insulation elements, while additional insulation elements and expanding sealing tapes are applied on external surfaces. This system allows for the use of shaft-mounted muntins. Structure performance technology is analogous to the base system. In parallel to MB-78EI fire resistance of doors and walls with doors is maintained both in case of fire impact from the outside and from the inside.

In structures MB-78 EI DPA can use drives of renowned manufacturers, adapted to carry adequately large loads. Slide doors’ drive can be installed on the system wall and on the wall.

Maximum structural dimensions in the passage clearance are:

  • height of single-leaf and double-leaf doors: up to 2 450 mm.
  • width of single-leaf door: up to 1 100 mm.
  • width of double-leaf door: up to 2 125 mm.

System MB-78EI DPA had been awarded with Technical Approval by the Building Research Institute number AT-15-6006/2012

No-muntin walls

Our offer includes a solution for transparent fire protection walls based on system MB-78EI, i.e. so-called no-muntin walls. It enables construction of internal partitions with no visible vertical profiles separating individual wall modules, while retaining its full fire resistance. The break between the glass panes is only 4 mm wide and filled with fireproof, expanding material and non-combustible silicone. Silicone is available in three colour variants (black, grey and white). Fire partitions executed in this way can reach 3.6 m of height and the width of their modules can reach even 1.5 m. Fire tests conducted in the Building Research Institute covered the partition model with a so-called free edge, due to which there are no constraints on the maximum length of this type of walls.

The system of no-muntin walls MB-78EI enables easy design and arrangement of internal surfaces of partition walls. Owing to transparent modules, structures performed with the use of this system allow for optical enlargement of the building interior. At the same time the system ensures safety, enabling organisation of fire compartments in buildings and ensuring relevant conditions for evacuation of persons.


  • solutions had been developed and examined by the Building Research Institute in two fire resistance classes: EI30 and EI60
  • width of the break between modules is only 4 mm
  • maximum height of walls is 3.6 m
  • maximum width of a single module is 1.5 m
  • there are no constraints on the maximum length of the wall,
  • structures have been tested with tempered glass panes that are more durable and have a greater impact resistance than non-tampered glass panes.

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