Nitus | Fixed mosquito nets

Fixed mosquito nets

We offer top quality window mosquito nets, consisting of the mesh made of fibre-glass and aluminium frame (extruded profile). Mosquito nets we manufacture provide a highly aesthetic and durable solution that ensures protection from flying insects, other insects and even plant pollen.

Fixed mosquito net is perfect for windows which are opened only to enable air circulation. It does not limit the visibility in the window clearance and constitutes its integral part.

Offered mosquito nets can be installed on all types of window joinery – both PVC and wooden type. Simple and secure installation of the frame on its whole perimeter by means of rotating brackets without intrusion into the window frame structure means that the frame installed on the window increases its functionality and provides effective protection of the room from insects.

All elements comprising the mosquito net are resistant to weather conditions, which guarantees the net’s durability over many years of usage. Wide array of profile colours allows for matching the frame to any window type and colour.

This simple solution helps us protect ourselves and other residents, most importantly children, from bothersome, itching insect bites.

Technical specification

Standard colours:

white - RAL 9016

brown - RAL 8019

grey anthracite - RAL 7016

Wood-imitation coating (laminate):


golden oak


On the Client’s request we can prepare profiles in any given colour of the RAL palette.

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