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Door mosquito net

Hinged door mosquito net offers excellent protection from insects, while still ensuring easy access to balconies and terraces. It does not limit visibility in the door clearance. It is made of special aluminium door profiles with/without an inside cross beam, in white, brown, anthracite colour or wood-like structure.

Door frame is filled with mesh of ash grey or black fibre-glass. It is possible to fill the bottom part of the frame up to 80 cm of its height with a polycarbonate panel. Door mosquito net is fitted on one side with three hinges to the door from and on the other side it is kept closed by means of two magnetic locks.

Door mosquito net can be fixed both to PVC doors as well as to wooden ones.

Technical specification

Standard colours:

white - RAL 9016

brown - RAL 8019

grey anthracite - RAL 7016

Wood-imitation coating:


golden oak


On the Client’s request we can prepare profiles in any given colour of the RAL palette.

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