Garage doors

Up-and-over doors

The up-and-over door is a perfect solution for homeowners who look for budget solutions to ensure their garages are protected and safe. When choosing a up-and-over door, first of all we need to make sure there is enough space in front of the garage for the door to freely operate. The wing of the up-and-over door swings out during opening and closing. Therefore, the up-and-over door is not the right solution for garages located close to the footpath or roadway. To satisfy customers’ requirements, we can manufacture up-and-over doors to custom orders in any size.

Up-and-over door design

The door frame is made of galvanized steel, which guarantees durability and long-lasting corrosion protection. Depending on the model, the door skin is made of one of two types of steel sheet. In the CLASSIC model, we use perforated trapezoidal steel sheets, while in the PROTECT Panel C and COMPACT Panel C door we use panel steel sheets. Selecting the right type of guidance system (with or without slides) allows to adapt the up-and-over door to any garage. The CLASSIC up-and-over garage door can be fitted with 20 mm thick foam thermal insulation. Foamed polystyrene from the inside is covered with white PVC panels.

  1. Door skin made of trapezoid or panel steel sheet
  2. Self-locking bolts
  3. Spring set
  4. Pull handle for lifting
  5. Lock with a handle
  6. Side slides

Konstrukcja bramy uchylej

Brama uchylna Classic

Brama uchylna Classic

Brama uchylna w wersji Classic stwarza największe możliwości personalizacji. Szereg dodatkowych opcji, w jakie można wyposażyć bramę, m.in. automatyka, sprawia, że brama Classic osiąga standard zbliżony do bram segmentowych.

Charakterystyka ogólna

  • Typ prowadzenia: Prowadnicowy
  • Dostępne przetłoczenia: 
    • Pionowe wąskie
    • Pionowe szerokie
    • Poziome wąskie
    • Poziome szerokie
  • Maksymalny wymiar: 3000 × 2400 mm

Automatic control for Nitus up-and-over garage doors

For greater comfort, up-and-over garage doors can be operated automatically with remote controls. For this purpose, we use automatic control devices made by recognized manufacturer “Sommer”. When purchasing an automatic up-and-over door, Nitus customers receive two remote controls. Additional equipment includes radio code keypad, wall-mounted switch and photocells.

Bramy uchylne do garażu

Up-and-over door with wicket door

Bramy uchylne z furtką przejściową

Wicket door is a convenient and practical solution for up-and-over garage doors. It allows to enter the garage without having to open the entire up-and-over door. Our offer provides for the installation of wicket doors along with thermal insulation only in the Classic series door. Also, wicket doors are available only for up-and-over doors with vertical patterns.

Various finishing patterns

To satisfy varying preferences of our customers, we offer four types of panel ribs. Type of rib pattern is assigned to a given up-and-over door model. One of four rib patterns can only be selected for the Classic up-and-over door.

Vertical low ribs
Vertical high ribs
Horizontal low ribs
Horizontal high ribs

Freedom of choosing colours

Nitus up-and-over garage doors are available in a wide range of colours to adapt the product to the colour of façade, windows and external roller shutters. Taking into account the most sophisticated preferences of Nitus customers, we offer a large selection of standard and wood-effect colours.

Classic up-and-over door

RAL 9010

RAL 8017

RAL 8017 mat

RAL 8004

RAL 6020 mat

RAL 3005

RAL 9006

RAL 7016

RAL 7024 mat

RAL 6005

RAL 1002

RAL 3000

RAL 3009

RAL 3011

RAL 5010

RAL 7035

Golden Oak




Upon request, glazing can be fitted in the door leaf to let more light into the room. Glazing units with acrylic panels are suitable for garages, workshops and utility rooms where proper amount of light is important. These elements are optional and available only for the Classic up-and-over doors.

Okienka do bramy uchylnej