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Aluminium façades

Façades are contemporary shell walls made of aluminium profile systems. They are used to design glazed façades of public buildings, such as banks, hotels, office and government buildings, showrooms, sports halls, or shopping malls. They also become very popular in modern residential housing. Aluminium structures significantly increase the building’s visual impact, while allowing much more natural light into the building’s interior. Impressive glass and aluminium façades allow for unlimited designing freedom, and thus the implementation of designers’ bold visions. In contemporary architecture, aluminium post and beam façades that meet the requirements of energy-efficient and passive development projects are particularly popular. Our offer includes proven and advanced façade systems supplied by Aliplast, a market-leading manufacturer of aluminium products. The product portfolio offered is based on three Aliplast system solutions so customers can choose products that meet their individual needs and expectations.

Features of glass façades


We manufacture glass façades from aluminium, a proven material valued in the construction sector, which shows excellent stability, even with large dimensions. The high structural strength guarantees resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions. As a result, stable and impressive glass façades with slender shapes can be designed.

Aesthetic qualities

Nitus aluminium façades allow creating a uniform glass façade of the building. Aluminium and glass structures give excellent visual effects - they look modern and phenomenal. Our façade systems allow to design structures that differ in terms of complex shapes and non-standard dimensions. A wide range of masking strips along with attractive profile colours ensure the design is modern and unique.

Energy efficiency

Aluminium façade are valued not only for state-of-the-art design, but also for high thermal insulation. Special profile structure and additional equipment that increase the insulation performance guarantee the highest thermal comfort inside the rooms. Nitus aluminium façade can be used with energy-efficient glazing units with the heat transfer coefficient of Ug = 0.5 W/m2K.

Sound insulation

Aluminium and glass façades show very good sound insulating properties. In facilities located in the vicinity of busy streets, they provide the top-quality shield that can reduce noise from the outside. Well-engineered profiles, seals and glass infill with increased sound insulation properties ensure better comfort inside buildings.

Nitus façade systems

Fasady aluminiowe MC Wall

The MC WALL aluminium façade system is intended for designing modern curtain walls with simple and complex shapes. The curtain wall consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms connected with each other with special fasteners. This solution provides a high load-bearing capacity of the mullion-to-transom joint, both in the plane of the wind pressure and in the plane of the infill load. It can also be used with standard transom brackets or simple screw face-fixing. Transoms integrated with thermal breaks during profile production process make the installation of aluminium joinery less time consuming. The MC WALL façade system provides the selection of proper insulators depending on the curtain wall infill thickness. It also provides a range of options to draw the building shape, offering designs opened in the façade, such as: parallel or roof windows.

Fasady aluminiowe MC Glass

The MC GLASS semi-structural façade system is intended for designing curtain walls that form flat surface on the outside without visible aluminium profiles. The only visible elements are glazing units separated from each other by gaps with construction silicone. Glazing units have special pockets and tracks for mounting plates. These plates are used for fixing infill to the curtain wall framework. With the use of innovative insulation materials, the MC GLASS system shows very good thermal insulation properties.

Fasady aluminiowe MC Passiv

With the MC PASSIVE system, modern curtain walls with simple and complex shapes can be designed. This solution has increased thermal insulation, therefore it is mainly used in energy-efficient projects. In terms of design, it is based on proven solutions of the MC WALL system. Curtain wall system is a mullion-to-transom structure made of aluminium profiles. Special insulation in the space of termination bar or an additional spacer located under the screws securing the termination bar ensures that excellent thermal insulation properties of the aluminium façade can be obtained. In order to improve thermal insulation properties, thermal breaks inserted into the mullion and transom profiles have additional horizontal "projections" made of soft PVC.

A variety of glazing options

The attractive design, safety and functionality of Nitus aluminium façades are guaranteed by using the right type of glass. A wide range of innovative glazing solutions makes aluminium structures an indispensable solution for buildings used in many different sectors. Safety glass provides excellent protection for the glass façade, which in case of a broken glass reduces the risk of injury. In places where the building requires special protection, we recommend using burglary-proof glass. Glass panes with increased burglary resistance provide attractive appearance of aluminium joinery without the need for mounting heavy gratings. Our façade systems can feature glazing with increased sound insulation, so-called soundproof glass designed to effectively reduce street noise. In order to provide protection against excessive heating of the interior due to UV radiation, our products can feature sun-protective glass that absorbs or reflects sunlight. Taking into account the needs of users, such as the optimum temperature inside the building, this type of glass would be an excellent solution.

Przeszklenia fasad aluminiowych

Freedom of colour design

Aluminium façades constitute luxurious and stylish part of modern architecture. A wide range of colours and availability of “bi-colour” glass façades allow to adapt the interior, as well as the building exterior to individual preferences. All Nitus façade systems can be coated in any RAL colour, wood-effect structure or anodized.

Smooth coating


RAL 7016


RAL 9016


RAL 8017

Dark Brown

RAL 8019


RAL 9006

Wood-effect coating


March Oak



Sienna PL

Sienna Rosso




Golden Cherry

Golden Oak

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