Internal blinds

Pleated blinds

Pleated internal blinds are not only functional window covering, but also an elegant addition that gives the interior a unique appearance. Pleats are made of durable material folding like the bellows of an accordion.  They can be operated manually using elegant and easy-to-use handles or cords. Unlike the traditional internal blinds, pleated blinds can cover any part of the window in a number of ways. They protect interiors against sunlight, give privacy and comfort. An attractive palette of colours, fabrics, as well as ease of installation makes the pleated blinds an excellent solution for both classic and cutting-edge designs. Nitus offer includes internal pleated blinds for traditional windows, French windows and roof windows. Pleated blinds, commonly known as “pleats”, are suitable for every home, apartment and even commercial interior.

Features of internal pleated blinds

Praktyczne zastosowanie rolety plisowanej

The pleated blind is guided on cords fixed in the window recess or in case of roof windows, in side channels. The pleated blind does not limit the full opening of the window and does not narrow the space within the window sill. It is very easy to clean - you can use vacuum-cleaner to remove dust or even wash it.

Komfortowa obsługa rolet plisowanych

The great advantage of pleated blinds is that they can be locked at any height depending on your preferences. Its smart design allows to reveal the top and bottom, as well as both sides of the window at the same time.

Rolety plisowane dopasowany na wymiar
Made to measure

All pleated blinds are manufactured to custom orders. We design them with the greatest care and deliver on time. Therefore, the pleated blinds can be made to any windows size, and with the fitting method preferred by customers.

Dwa materiały w rolecie plisowanej

With a variety of colours and patterns, fabric internal blinds are suitable for interiors of different styles. We guarantee the highest quality and full satisfaction. We are convinced that all customers will find solutions that meets their preferences and expectations.

Types of Nitus pleated blinds

Rolety plisowane inwazyjne montowane przy szybie
Close fitting

To fit the pleated blind close to the glass, you need to drill holes and fix it to the glazing bead. As a result, the pleated blind will have direct contact with the glass pane.

Rolety plisowane bezinwazyjne montowane na skrzydle okna
No drill pleated blinds

This type of window covering is mounted on neat hooks on the window frame. This solution allows to easily remove the pleat, e.g. for cleaning.

Rolety plisowane do okien dachowych
Roof window pleated blinds

This version of pleated blinds can feature side channels so they can be used on roof windows. In this solution, the blind moves on the side channels without leaving any gaps.

High quality and attractive finish of internal blinds

Nitus pleated blind profiles are made of high quality aluminium, which guarantees increased durability. Depending on the selected colour, the blind profiles can be painted, anodized or veneered with wood-effect patterns.

Paint colours


RAL 7016


RAL 1014


RAL 8028

Milky White

RAL 1014


RAL 9006

Wood-effect colours

March Oak





Golden Oak

Anodized colours

Black anodized

Silver anodizes

Champagne anodized

Perfect matching of pleated blinds to the interior design

Fabrics for Nitus pleated blinds are available in many colours and textures so they can be adapted to the interior design. We offer a variety of pleated blind textures – pearly, patterned, crinkled, metallic, imitating wood and even a bamboo mat. Depending on the preferences, users can choose fabrics with different light transmission level – transparent, translucent or blackout. Our pleated blinds are suitable for using two fabrics in one system. This type of internal blind responds to the needs of people who only want to cover the window, without the need for additional blackout of the interior.

Group 1

Femi 0150

Femi 0200

Femi 0220

Femi 0510

Femi 0530

Femi 0540

Femi 0610

Femi 0819

Femi 0923

Femi 0931

Femi 0970

Femi 1290

Femi 1300

Femi 1320

Femi 1325

Femi 1330

Femi 6400

Femi 6420

Femi 6430

Femi 6440

Honey 03

Kamari 04

Kamari 05

Kamari 06

Kamari 07

Kamari 09

Kamari 10

Kamari 11

Kamari 15

Kamari 16

Kamari 17

Kamari 18

Kamari 19

Kamari 20

Kamari 22

Kamari 23

Kamari 24

Kamari 25

Kamari 26

Kamari 27

Kamari 28

Opal 101

Opal 102

Opal 103

Opal 104

Opal 105

Opal 106

Opal 107

Opal 108

Opal 109

Opal 110

Opal 111

Opal 112

Opal 113

Opal 114

Opal 115

Opal 116

Opal 117

Opal 118

Group 2

Awangarda 01

Awangarda 02

Awangarda 03

Awangarda 04

Awangarda 05

Awangarda 09

Awangarda 17

Awangarda 18

Awangarda 19

Awangarda 20

Awangarda 21

Awangarda 22

Awangarda 23

Awangarda 24

Awangarda 25

Awangarda 26

Awangarda 28

Awangarda 29

Awangarda 30

Awangarda 31

Opal Pearl 201

Opal Pearl 202

Opal Pearl 203

Opal Pearl 204

Opal Pearl 205

Opal Pearl 206

Opal Pearl 207

Opal Pearl 208

Opal Pearl 209

Opal Pearl 210

Opal Pearl 211

Opal Pearl 212

Opal Pearl 213

Opal Pearl 214

Opal Pearl 215

Opal Pearl 216

Opal Pearl 217

Opal Pearl 218

Shine 1040

Shine 1041

Shine 1042

Shine 1043

Shine 1044

Shine 1045

Shine 1046

Shine 1047

Shine 1048

Shine 1049

Shine 1050

Shine 1051

Shine 1052

Shine 1053

Shine 1054

Group 3

Bamboo P601

Bamboo P602

Bamboo P603

Bamboo P604

Bamboo P605

Bamboo P606

Bamboo P607

Bamboo P608

Bamboo P609

Bamboo P610

Bamboo P611

Bamboo P612

Ranke 3120

Torres 1069

Torres 2275

Torres 2276

Torres 2294

Torres 2295

Torres 4139

Torres 4140

Torres 5176

Torres 8134

Torres 9125

Group 4

Coco 206

Coco 207

Coco 208

Coco 209

Dayo 9040

Dayo 9041

Nakato 6600

Nakato 6601

Group 5

Fiore 2062

Yuki 034

How to measure your windows for internal pleated blinds

Before placing an order, your windows need to be precisely measured. It is easier than you might think – neither outstanding skills nor professional equipment will be required. All you need is to focus and follow detailed instructions in the window measuring guide provided below.

Download fitting instructions

How to fit your internal pleated blinds

Due to simple and fast installation, the Nitus pleated blinds can be easily fitted by customers. Mounting clips, special fasteners or profiled side channels allow hassle-free installation of pleated blind to any window. Read our step-by-step picture guides provided below to learn how to fit different types of interior blinds.

No drill pleated blinds fitting guide

Pleated skylight blinds fitting guide

Screw-mounted pleated blinds fitting guide

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