Aluminium joinery


The Nitus terrace roofing system is synonymous with functionality and aesthetics combined with innovative technological methods. Thanks to well-thought-out solutions, you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Various roofing options, wall-mounted or free-standing configurations, synchronised side screens, or professional lighting systems are just a few features that allow for tailor-made adjustments of the project to your demanding needs. Equipped with integrated water drainage gutters, you can use our pergolas even in extremely rainy weather. The structure based on extruded aluminium profiles guarantees safe use for many years. The Nitus company offers three terrace roofing systems, refined in every detail. The Sun-Shadow and Sun-Shadow Plus pergolas are characterised by a solid structure with a hard edge. The proposed configurations vary in thickness of columns and beams creating a wide selection of products available. The Sun-Shadow Smart model is characterised by a light structure, and the roof fabric provides an unconventional design, creating a unique architectural decoration.

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Winter gardens

A winter garden is a wonderful architectural feature and a convenient place to relax. Erecting this type of structure is the most attractive way to expand the usable area and significantly increase the standard of living. Converting your winter garden may point in several directions: from an elegant living room, sunny dining room, through conservatories filled with plants, a cosy porch, to a glazed and comfortable home office. Each place improves the feeling of space and gives the opportunity to live close to nature and admire the picturesque surrounding. The structure of the Nitus winter garden is made of high quality aluminium that guarantees durability and aesthetic qualities. Our winter gardens are based on aluminium systems supplied by Aliplast, a market-leading manufacturer of aluminium products. Our offer does not include ready-made standard solutions. Each order for a winter garden needs to be customised in terms of the design, taking into account the needs and requirements of customers. With these systems, structures in the form of house extensions can be erected, so winter gardens can be located on patios or balconies. The modern winter gardens offered by Nitus can also be erected as separate detached structures.

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Funkcjonalne ogrody zimowe

Aluminium façades

Façades are contemporary shell walls made of aluminium profile systems. They are used to design glazed façades of public buildings, such as banks, hotels, office and government buildings, showrooms, sports halls, or shopping malls. They also become very popular in modern residential housing. Aluminium structures significantly increase the building’s visual impact, while allowing much more natural light into the building’s interior. Impressive glass and aluminium façades allow for unlimited designing freedom, and thus the implementation of designers’ bold visions. In contemporary architecture, aluminium post and beam façades that meet the requirements of energy-efficient and passive development projects are particularly popular. Our offer includes proven and advanced façade systems supplied by Aliplast, a market-leading manufacturer of aluminium products. The product portfolio offered is based on three Aliplast system solutions so customers can choose products that meet their individual needs and expectations.

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Bezpieczne fasady aluminiowej

Fire-rated joinery

Aluminium fire-rated joinery is suitable for public, commercial, industrial and even residential projects. Proper safety components used in technical windows, doors and fire walls limit fire spreading to allow evacuate the building timely and quickly. Fire-rated structures can be filled with glazing units or solid panels. Our fire-rated joinery complies with the most demanding requirements of European standards. These structures are available with EI15 to EI120 fire resistance class.

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Aluminiowa stolarka przeciwpożarowa

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