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Roller garage doors are an excellent solution for buildings with difficult construction conditions and in places where space saving is crucial. They can be used not only in garages, but also in utility rooms, industrial buildings and even in commercial sales and service premises. They can be installed in existing buildings, as well as in those under construction. The design of Nitus roller doors allows for versatile use, as well as for installation in many places: outside and inside buildings or in the opening. Due to the fact that the roller door can operate only in the vertical plane, and its shutter rolls up on a shaft hidden in a roller case, none of its components limits the space inside the garage or on the driveway. Roller garage doors are an excellent solution for those who value functionality, safety, comfort and elegance. Each Nitus roller door is manufactured to custom order, which means that we adapt dimensions, colours and various automatic control equipment to the customer needs and requirements.

Roller door design

The main structural elements of a roller garage door include door shutter, load-bearing structure and drive unit. The door shutter is made of high-quality 77 mm high and 18.5 mm thick aluminium profiles. The profiles are filled with Freon-free polyurethane foam and coated with varnish with high resistance to mechanical damage, including abrasion. Standard rubber gasket is fitted to the bottom of the door shutter to ensure excellent ground contact. Brush seals fitted to the guides mounted along the opening edge guarantee tightness and less heat loss. The winding case, shutter and tracks of the roller door are made of aluminium, which makes them entirely resistant to corrosion. Depending on the door size, we offer two types of cases – with fixed bearings or a sliding head plate. Each Nitus roller door is equipped with a crank with a hook for emergency (manual) opening.

Brama rolowana do garażu

Roller door automatic control

Automatyczne bramy rolowane

Nitus roller garage door is the only one to feature a tubular electric drive unit made by the recognized Yooda brand, in standard. The door is usually operated with a push button switch from the inside. In order to increase the functionality and safety of the control system, additional components such as key switches, photocells and remote controls can be used. Our offer also includes Somfy automatic control devices for roller doors. In this case, the electric drive unit can be supplied with additional equipment such as radio code keypad or safety strip with photocells along the edge, which prevents crushing an obstacle during closing.

Perfect colour matching

Colours of Nitus roller garage door can be picked for both the shutter and the case. We have prepared a separate colour palette for both elements in order to adapt the door to the building façade. In addition to the basic colours, we also offer wood-effect patterns. High-quality varnishes make the profile coating durable, resistant to abrasion and easy to clean. Upon request, individual profiles of roller doors can be replaced with a glazed or ventilation profiles.

Case colours




Profile colours


Light Grey


Light Beige


Cream White


Moss Green


Jamaican Brown

Anthracite Grey

Golden Oak


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