PVC windows

PVC windows form an integral and important part of modern architecture. They are an excellent solution for single and multi-family houses, corporate and public buildings. Their great value for money, outstanding visual impact, advanced technology and suitability to almost any opening are the features that best describe Nitus window joinery. Our PVC windows, commonly known as plastic windows, have excellent resistance to weather conditions. Innovative profile technology ensures structure stability and meets the highest requirements in terms of heat and sound insulation, as well as ventilation. As the established manufacturer of PVC windows, we have relevant technical experience that allows us to undertake and complete the most difficult projects.

Features of PVC windows

Aesthetic appearance

Nitus PVC windows feature a modern and elegant design. As a Polish manufacturer of windows, we focus on providing highly aesthetic products because they constitute distinctive elements of every building. We provide investors, architects and designers with absolute freedom in designing their products. Nearly unlimited colour options of PVC windows and the selection of preferred profile structure provide perfect match between the joinery and the style of the house or the colour of the façade. Aesthetic finish of the products guarantees a clean and interesting visual effect, not only from the outside, but also inside the building. Our PVC windows fit both classic and modern designs. A large selection of decor films and an addition of anodized and varnished aluminium trims allows to create completely individual and unique designs. High-quality profiles are resistant to adverse weather conditions. Their even and smooth surface guarantees easy maintenance.


High-quality PVC profiles have solid steel reinforcements in the leaf and frame, which provides excellent stability of the window structure. Thus, it is possible to manufacture very large windows. Steel locking plates mounted on the circumference of the frame notably protect window leaves against forcing them open. The fitting with the specific number of safety points (mushroom cams and locking plates) provides different classes of anti-burglary window protection. Upon request, the standard level of security for PVC windows can be increased to RC 1 or RC 2 burglar resistance class. Hinges used in Nitus PVC windows hold heavy leaves, and thus guarantee high durability. For customers looking for window joinery with increased safety features, we offer windows with anti-burglary glass panes.

Energy saving

The innovative system of energy-efficient window profiles has been designed for buildings that require a high level of thermal insulation. Both KBE 76 AD and KBE 76 MD systems show excellent thermal insulation performance. This is mainly due to the multi-chamber profiles and glazing units with low heat transfer coefficient. The so-called “warm frame” used in glazing units, and circumferential seals that ensure the window tightness are very important. With advanced features, Nitus PVC windows comply with the energy requirements for energy-efficient housing. Optimized profile structure not only prevents heat loss during the heating season, but also excessive heat in the room during summer.

Sound insulation

For each building, we select optimized, yet personalized solutions that will perfectly match your building exterior and preferences. Nitus window joinery is a response to the continuously growing market demand for PVC windows with increased sound insulation. Features, such as seals in the profile along with maintaining proper joinery sound insulation, increase the comfort in homes. Soundproof PVC windows provide excellent noise protection, especially if residential buildings or offices are located near airports or railways. Customers can choose from a wide range of glazing units that would suit their requirements.


Nitus window joinery is suitable for designing small or large glazing areas with the state-of-the-art glass panes of various functionalities. High comfort is guaranteed by window fittings selected to its size and weight, thus its operation is very smooth. Our PVC windows can be designed in almost any shape. We offer both the most popular rectangular windows, as well as more sophisticated shapes - round, semi-circular, triangular, trapezoidal or arched. Choosing our window joinery guarantees free shaping of the product - adapting it to the needs and individual preferences. Nitus, as a Polish PVC window manufacturer directs its offer in particular to owners of newly built houses where sophisticated and unique shapes of windows can be designed.


Unlike wooden joinery, PVC windows are very strong and resistant to adverse weather conditions. PVC raw material shows exceptional resistance to both low and high temperatures, sunlight and rain. Mild cleaning agents used to refresh PVC windows do not damage their surface. Taking care of your PVC windows is limited to preventive maintenance of fittings and seals. Unlike wooden frames, plastic window frames do not require renovation. Our innovative proCoverTec coating retains its colour quality for many years - even under extreme usage.

Smart design of Nitus window joinery

Our offer includes two PVC window systems. Both the KBE 76 AD and KBE 76 MD systems have the essential features and technical parameters expected by demanding developers, architects or designers. By using 5 or 6-chamber profiles we achieve high functionality, stability and optimized thermal and sound insulation. Windows made of durable PVC profiles significantly reduce the use of thermal energy and CO2 emissions. Window profiles made in unleaded greenline technology ensure long window life. Both systems enable the installation of a triple glazed unit and up to 48 mm thick special glazing units. Fitting window frames with modern seals guarantees perfect protection against dust and water. The low width of the visible profile area ensures the interior can be filled with more amount of natural light.

Okna PVC profil KBE 76AD
Safety and modern design of PVC windows

KBE 76AD PVC windows is a modern solution distinguished by functionality and excellent aesthetic qualities. The warm 5-chamber profile together with the structural sealing system and triple-glazed units with a warm frame allow to keep heat inside the building.


General specification of KBE 76AD PVC windows

  • Number of chambers in the frame: 5
  • Profile thickness: 76 mm
  • Circumferential seals: 2
  • Glazing unit type: Triple glazed 4/18/4/18/4 with “warm frame”
  • Heat transfer coefficient for reference window: Uw = 0,76 W/m2K
Okna PVC profil KBE 76MD
Energy-efficient and functional PVC windows

KBE 76MD is a modern PVC window system that features durable structure and elegant design. A 6-chamber profile with a frame and sash installation depth of 76 mm, and a triple-seal system guarantee the low heat transfer coefficient. As a result, KBE 76MD windows comply with the current requirements of the building law and are perfectly suited to energy-efficient development projects.


General specification of KBE 76MD PVC windows

  • Number of chambers in the frame: 6
  • Profile thickness: 76 mm
  • Circumferential seals: 3
  • Glazing unit type: Triple glazed 4/18/4/18/4 with “warm frame”
  • Heat transfer coefficient for reference window: Uw = 0,76 W/m2K

Window panes tailored to the needs of individual customers

The use of multiple glazed panels in each of the Nitus window systems is a standard that guarantees optimal thermal insulation, safety and protection against sunlight penetrating the room. Our offer also includes various types of glass in order to obtain proper parameters of windows, and thus guarantee greater comfort. Upon request, PVC windows can feature various glazing units for specific requirements, including those to reduce noise, protect against burglary, minimize harmful sunlight or retain heat inside buildings. The unique nature of the project and the exceptional interior environment can be achieved by using decorative elements – glazing bars or special decorative glass.

Pakiety szybowe w oknach PVC

Exceptional functionality and safe use of PVC windows

Grzybki regulujące w oknach PVC
Mushroom cams

Mushroom cams are used for easy manual adjustment of the contact pressure between the leaf and the window frame. Due to the temperature changes that cause the material to expand and contract, this operation should be carried out periodically. With the octagonal mushroom cam, the contact pressure between the leaf and the frame can be reduced in the summer, and increased in the winter.

Zabezpieczenie skrzydła przed wypadnięciem
Dual function elements

Dual function element features the fail safe device with a leaf lifter in order to effectively prevent the window leaf from moving out from the upper hinge. With this mechanism is impossible to tilt the window when the window is open. It also protects the fittings against damage.

Zabezpieczenia antywłamaniowe w oknach PVC
Anti-burglary locking plates

Special anti-burglary fittings provide a high level of protection against burglary. Steel locking plates are mounted around the circumference of the frame in order to protect the leaf against forced entry. The standard level of security for windows can be increased to RC 1 or RC 2 burglar resistance class.

System mikrowentylacji w oknach PVC

This solution enables comfortable and controlled air exchange without having to manually ventilate the room. The mechanism of the ventilation system ensures proper humidity inside your house, protecting it against mould. The ventilation system used in Nitus PVC windows provides a comfortable indoor climate.

Klamki dopasowane do kolorystyki okna
Aluminium handle

The aluminium handle matched to the window colour is perfectly integrated with the entire fitting. Smart selection of colour and shape of the handle makes it a distinctive but subtle decorative element of the window. Aesthetic, functional and well-balanced window handle facilitates its turning, increasing the comfort of use.

Endless colour options for PVC windows

A wide range of colours and structures allows to individually match PVC windows to the style and character of every building. The availability of Nitus windows in uniform colours and wood-effect and metallic surface patterns can satisfy even the most sophisticated preferences. Optionally, window joinery can be covered with aluminium cladding that which increase resistance to changing weather conditions, while meeting the highest design requirements. Dual-tone PVC windows constitute a unique and at the same practical addition to Nitus offer. This solution allows to achieve a variety of visual effects, such as different colours on both sides of the window to match the façade and the interior. Our offer also includes a state-of-the-art coating for window profiles. The innovative proCoverTec coating combines attractive appearance with functionality and durability, providing a matte and elegant visual effect. The coating reduces the accumulation of dirt on profiles making window maintenance extremely easy.


Golden Oak



Anthracite Woodgrain


Anthracite Smoothgrain

Anthracite ULTI MATT


March Oak

Quartz Grey



Achatgrau glatt

Alux DB 703





Black Cherry







Metbrush Anthrazitgrau

Metbrush Platin

Metbrush Quarzgrau

Eiche Dunkel

Eiche Dunkel ST

Eiche Rustical

Irisch Oak


Metbrush Silver




Quarzgrau SFTN matt

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