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Sectional side-hinged garage doors

The design of sectional side-hinged doors corresponds to traditional side-hinged doors that have been available on the market for many years. Currently, their design, operation and aesthetic qualities have evolved to include solutions derived from sectional doors. Double-leaf side-hinged doors are a new, advanced type of garage door that is offered by only few manufacturers. They are intended for utility rooms, residential buildings and free-standing garages. They are an excellent solution for renovated buildings that do not have external reveals or lintels. We adapt Nitus sectional side-hinged doors to customers’ requirements, therefore they are manufactured to custom sizes. The maximum size of sectional double-leaf door is 2600 x 2250 mm.

Robust design

The design of Nitus sectional door is based on robust aluminium profiles. The aluminium door frame is reinforced with 40×40 mm galvanized steel profiles. The door has a small 10 mm high threshold. The door leaf is made of solid 40mm thick door panels filled with polyurethane foam. The door has a circumferential sealing and a brush seal at the bottom. The door is supplied in a symmetrical leaf division, and it always opens to the outside. The right active wing has a lock with a key cylinder and a handle, as well as top and bottom door bolts.

Brama rozwierna segmentowa wyposażona w rygiel
Top and bottom door bolt
Standardowe wyposażenie bramy rozwiernej segmentowej w klamkę z kluczykiem
Handle with a key
Aluminiowy próg w bramie rozwiernej segmentowej
Aluminium door threshold
Szczotka uszczelniająca bramę rozwierną segmentową
Brush seal
Stopka zabezpieczająca skrzydło bramy
Samozamykacz listwowy w bramie rozwiernej segmentowej
Door closer with slide channel

Features of Nitus industrial side-hinged doors

Thermal insulation

The door leaf is made of panels insulated inside with Freon-free polyurethane foam. In combination with the circumferential sealing system, high thermal insulation properties are achieved.


An automatic double-leaf side-hinged door is a solution that ensures comfort and safety of use. Selection of a suitable drive unit, additional accessories and safety devices allow to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our sectional side-hinged doors can be manufactured to any size of opening. When designing our products, we take into account specification and requirements of a room, considering even the smallest differences in the structure. As a result, the door fits perfectly into the opening, which in turn translates into faultless operation of the mechanism.


Various design options of our sectional side-hinged doors emphasize a unique appearance of the building. Many accessories that increase the comfort of use, a wide range of colours and various rib patterns contribute to achieving an elegant final result.

Modern design

A wide range of colours for sectional side-hinged doors includes standard colours and wood-effect patterns, so that the product can match not only windows and doors, but also the building façade, roof or gutters. The offered colour solutions reflect the latest trends in civil engineering sector making Nitus garage doors a strong architectural element of the building.

Standard colours


RAL 9016


RAL 8014


RAL 9006

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016




Dark oak

Golden Oak


Wood-effect veneers

Antracyt Deska


Dąb bagienny


Dąb ciemny





An interesting visual effect can be achieved not only by colours, but also by the surface structure. Nitus sectional side-hinged door panels can be delivered in one of two offered options.



Rib patterns

Visual specification of our sectional side-hinged doors includes three types of ribs:

  1. Without ribs,
  2. Single rib,
  3. Low ribs

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