Insect screens

Framed insect screens

Frame insect screens provide effective protection against insects, pollen and tree and plant particles. They are one of the most popular solutions to protect your house interior against “uninvited guests”. With the window frame insect screens installed, we can open windows at any time of day to bring fresh air into the house. Unlike insect repellents, window insect screens are completely safe for human health. The frame insect screens are a great solution for windows that are opened only to provide air circulation. They form an integral part of the window and do not restrict viewing area. Our insect screens are suitable for PVC, aluminium and wooden windows. Fitting of the framed insect screen is very simple. It is mounted on the outside of the window. It does not damage the window frame and does not require any tools. Sturdy mounting with swivel clips around the frame circumference makes the framed insect screens significantly increase functionality of your windows.

Why should you choose insect screens for your windows?

Skuteczna ochrona przed owadami dzięki moskitierom okiennym
Effective protection against insects

The insect screens for windows effectively protect the household against uninvited guests when ventilating the house. Mounted in the window, it increases its functionality, providing excellent protection against insect bites. The fine mesh of the framed insect screen will keep even the smallest insects out of your house.

Wysoka odporność moskitiery okiennej na warunki atmosferyczne
Resistance to weather conditions

All components of insect screens are resistant to adverse weather conditions. Temperature differences, UV radiation or heavy rain will not damage the product. Top quality materials used guarantee the insect screens are exceptionally durable and can be used for many years.

Optymalna widoczność moskitiery ramkowej
Optimum visibility and ventilation

Despite the fact that framed insect screens are an effective solution in fighting insects, they do not restrict the outward visibility and cause blackout inside the room. High quality insect screen allows free air circulation and sunlight, ensuring maximum comfort at home. The insect screen is almost invisible from the outside, therefore it does not disturb the visual impact of the building.

Framed insert screen design

Framed insert screens are manufactured of the fibre glass mesh. Sections of the insert screen frame are connected with aesthetically designed internal or external PVC corner joints. Swivel clips are located around the circumference of the insect screen. The insert screen is supplied with a PVC pull handle for quick installation or removal.

Framed insert screen features

Manufactured with accuracy to 1 mm

Insect screens are custom-made in order to match the product to any window size with accuracy to 1 mm.

Easy and hassle-free installation

The framed insert screen is mounted to the window frame without drilling with metal swivel clips.

Easy to clean

If, after some time, you want to refresh the insert screen, all you need is a cloth, clean water and a little amount of mild cleaning agent that will not damage the mesh.


Nitus framed insert screens are very neat and feature high quality details. The aluminium frame of the insert screen is powder coated with a variety of colours to perfectly match the window joinery. In addition to standard colours, our customers can also choose from wood-effect patterns. High-quality fibre glass mesh is available in grey and black colour.




Golden Oak


Easy measurement and fast installation

In order to ensure the insect screen perfectly fits the window, precise measurement of several dimensions must be taken. For this reason, we have prepared a detailed measurement guide. Fitting the framed insect screen is also simple and fast. Read our step-by-step picture guide provided below to learn how to fit insect screens.

Framed insect screen fitting guide

Framed insect screen measuring guide

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