Insect screens

Door insect screens

Door insect screens manufactured by Nitus are an extremely durable and aesthetic solution in fighting annoying flies, mosquitoes or wasps. They provide excellent protection against insects, guaranteeing safe use of balconies and patios. They can also be used in holiday houses. Insect screens are mounted to the door frame with hinges and magnetic catches to prevent the screen from returning to its closed position. The insect screens with magnetic catches are mounted to the door on the outside, so they do not affect the comfort of using the door. It may remain open, slightly ajar or closed. Balcony insect screens increase the comfort of being outdoors. They are essential from early spring till later autumn. The proven and, above all, inexpensive solution allows to fully open French windows and enjoy beautiful, sunny weather safely. Door insect screen are manufactured to custom only according to dimensions provided by customers. This can guarantee the screens perfectly fit to any size or type of door or window – plastic, wooden or aluminium.

Why should you choose Nitus door insect screens?

Moskitiery drzwiowe nieograniczona widoczność
Excellent visibility

Proper mesh size effectively stops insects without compromising air circulation and light entering the building. High density mesh do not limit visibility or disturb the view outside the window.

Moskitiery drzwiowe wyposażone w przejście dla kotów i psów
Pet door

Door insect screens provide free movement not only for people but also for pets. A special pet door for cats and dogs can be opened at any time using the built-in lock.

Moskitiera do okien drewnianych, PVC i aluminiowych
Wide range of applications

The insect screens are suitable for plastic, aluminium or wooden windows. A unobtrusive and minimalist patio insect screen can be fitted to any type of window.

Skuteczne ochrona przed insektami
Effective protection against insects

Our insect screens for French doors provide effective protection of your house interior. They naturally stop insects without the need for chemical agents or toxins.

Design of insect screens for French windows and doors

Nitus door insect screens are made entirely of aluminium profile. High density mesh is made of fibre glass. The material provides very good visibility, while effectively protecting against all insects or pollen. In order to ensure its rigidity, the screen frame is connected with aluminium internal corner joints. Additionally, the door insect screen is reinforced with a wide crossbar, enabling the construction of larger frames. On one side, it is fastened with hinges to the door frame, on the other side it has magnetic catches that prevent it from opening. The insect screen for French doors features an aesthetic and ergonomic handle for easy operation both from the inside and outside. The bottom of the frame can be filled with up to 80 cm high polycarbonate plate. The plate protects the mesh against damage during opening.

Door insert screen features

Product made to measure

We offer door insect screens made to any measure with guaranteed precision, and thus the high standard of manufacturing accuracy. Provided solutions ensure easy installation and neat, aesthetic appearance of insect screens mounted on French doors.

Fast installation

Insert screen installation does not require any drilling, thus interfering with the window can be avoided, while the insect screen can be easily removed for cleaning. Moreover, no tools are required to fit the insect screen.

Easy to clean

Keeping the insect screen clean is very easy. To ensure insect screen lasts longer that one season, it should be removed before winter and cleaned with hot water with addition of e.g. dishwashing liquid.

Unobtrusive design

In case of insect screens for French or patio doors, it is possible to select different colour of the frame and the mesh. The aluminium frame of the insert screen is powder coated in standard uniform colours or wood-effect patterns. High-quality fibre glass mesh is available in grey and black colour.




Chocolate Brown

Golden Oak



Easy measurement and fast installation

It is very important to measure French doors very precisely without allowing for any excess material. Precisely taken measurements will ensure the correct size of your insect screen. To assist our customers with measurements, we have prepared a window measuring guide. Fitting the door insect screen should also be easy, as the insect screen is manufactured to specific dimensions provided by the customer. Insect screens are mounted with hinges and magnetic catches included with the product. All you need to do is follow the fitting instructions.

Door insect screen fitting instructions

Door insect screen measuring guide

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