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The Nitus terrace roofing system is synonymous with functionality and aesthetics combined with innovative technological methods. Thanks to well-thought-out solutions, you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Various roofing options, wall-mounted or free-standing configurations, synchronised side screens, or professional lighting systems are just a few features that allow for tailor-made adjustments of the project to your demanding needs. Equipped with integrated water drainage gutters, you can use our pergolas even in extremely rainy weather. The structure based on extruded aluminium profiles guarantees safe use for many years. The Nitus company offers three terrace roofing systems, refined in every detail. The Sun-Shadow and Sun-Shadow Plus pergolas are characterised by a solid structure with a hard edge. The proposed configurations vary in thickness of columns and beams creating a wide selection of products available. The Sun-Shadow Smart model is characterised by a light structure, and the roof fabric provides an unconventional design, creating a unique architectural decoration.

Pergole tarasowe Sun Shadow
Comfortable area for all weather

The Sun-Shadow terrace pergola system gives a whole range of possibilities to adapt to your own needs. Thanks to its modular form, you can expand the structure in many ways. The fully automatic roof in the form of movable slats allows you to control the amount of light entering. A high-quality motor guarantees trouble-free operation for many years. Additionally, you can use side blinds that provide greater privacy and allow you to shade the area from the sun.

Sun-Shadow pergolas in numbers:

  • maximum size: 4 m x 7 m,
  • minimum size: 1.2 m x 1.2 m,
  • beam cross-section: 8.5 cm x 21.2 cm,
  • number of chambers in a beam: 2,
  • pole cross-section: 8.5 cm x 15 cm,
  • maximum clearance from the base to the upper beam: 2.80 m.
Pergole tarasowe Sun Shadow
Attractive increase of living area

The Sun-Shadow Plus terrace pergola system fits perfectly into the architecture of both traditional and modern buildings. The modular form of individual elements allows the product to be adapted to your diverse needs. The possibility of expanding the structure with side blinds and a sliding system guarantees both protection against the wind and greater privacy. You can fully control the amount of sunlight thanks to the roof in the form of movable slats, with failure-free automation provided by a high-quality motor.

Sun-shadow Plus pergolas in numbers:

  • maximum size: 5 m x 7 m,
  • minimum size: 1.5 m x 1.5 m,
  • beam cross-section: 15 cm x 29 cm,
  • number of chambers in a beam: 3,
  • pole cross-section: 15 cm x 15 cm,
  • maximum clearance from the base to the upper beam: 2.80 m.
Pergole tarasowe Sun Shadow Smart
Architectural decoration for your home

The Sun-Shadow Smart terrace pergola system is tantamount to aesthetics, luxury, and utility. High-quality roof fabrics provide protection against excessive sunlight, as well as offer a visible decorative quality. A wide range of colours, a modular formula, and the possibility to accessorise with additional elements give you a whole array of options to adapt the product to your own needs. High comfort of use is guaranteed by fully automated roof control.

Sun-Shadow Smart pergolas in numbers:

  • maximum size: 4 m x 7 m,
  • guide cross-section: 8.5 cm x 15.5 cm,
  • stud number per guide: 3,
  • tilt angle: 5-10°,
  • standard clearance from the base to the upper beam: 2.20 m,
  • maximum clearance from the base to the upper beam: 2.50 m.
Perfect balance between light and shadow system width

Side blinds

Nitus terrace systems can be enriched with side blinds, which allow you to separate a specific area and functional exposure to excessive solar radiation. A wide range of colours and a multitude of materials gives plenty of possibilities to match both the pergola and other terrace elements, which helps you to integrate our product into your surroundings. The highest comfort of use is ensured by equipping the roller shutters with a wired motor as standard, which guarantees the desired balance between light and shadow.


  • system width up to 5 m,
  • stud made of extruded aluminium,
  • mosquito net function,
  • rail or rope guides,
  • zipper mechanism,
  • inspection point on the front of the stud,
  • two-part guide with a system of compensating seals,
  • electric, wire motor (as standard),
  • self-supporting system.





  • wired motor with obstacle detection,
  • RTS/io wireless motor,
  • io wireless motor + obstacle detection.

Structure colour palette


RAL 9010 MAT

RAL 7016 MAT

RAL 9007 MAT

FSM 71319

RAL 9006 MAT

Fabrics side blinds


The fabric is the most representative part of the terrace system. It serves not only as protection against the sun, but also functions as a decorative element. It is made of PVC-coated glass fibre with a characteristic SERGE weave and produced in two types of translucency: 1% or 5%. Comfort of use and safety are ensured by appropriate technical parameters, thanks to which the material does not heat up or deform.

Serge 100 | 1% translucency

Serge 101

Serge 102

Serge 103

Serge 104

Serge 105

Serge 106

Serge 107

Serge 108

Serge 600 | 5% translucency

Serge 601

Serge 602

Serge 603

Serge 604

Serge 605

Serge 606

Serge 607

Serge 608

Serge 609

Serge 610

Serge 611

Serge 612

The highest level of satisfaction in daily use


The use of intelligent technologies in the Nitus terrace roofing systems allows for extremely comfortable control of individual elements of the pergola. You can manage our product from anywhere in the world with a single device and internet access. This allows you to customise and program your system to your needs and habits. The automatic adjustment of the product to weather conditions, as well as the simulation of continuous use, which significantly increases safety, are both innovative solutions. The choice between a simple RTS protocol and an extensive io protocol allows you to adjust the product to your specific expectations. The io technology allows for tracking the product in real time, that is in how much of the roller shutter is open, whether the command was accepted, executed, and so on.

Controllable elements:
-side blinds,


Nitus terrace systems can be retrofitted with professional lighting, allowing you to use it also after dark. In the Sun-Shadow and Sun-Shadow Plus pergolas, it is mounted on the upper part of the pergola. Additionally, there is a handy option to control both light colour and intensity. However, in the case of the Sun-Shadow Smart pergola, the lighting is placed on movable roof bars.

standard colours

Structure colour palette



the pergola Sun-shadow Smart

Roof fabric colour palette




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