Aluminium entrance doors

Aluminium entrance doors are very popular among customers for whom technical parameters, functionality and quality are as important as the design itself. The doors are made of durable aluminium profiles, which guarantees their high durability, resistance to harmful weather conditions and mechanical damage. Unlike traditional wooden doors, aluminium entrance doors do not require a second coat. Their visual appearance fit in perfectly into both classic and modern architecture. The maximum leaf size of aluminium entrance panel doors is 1200 mm x 2400 mm.

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PVC entrance doors

PVC entrance doors by Nitus feature top-quality components and high performance in order to effectively protect your house or apartment. For the production of PVC panel entrance doors, we use proven and advanced technologies ensuring our products stand for high technical parameters of thermal and sound insulation. PVC entrance doors with insert panels are available in many different models, both modern and classic ones. Our offer includes modern external doors suitable for apartments and single or multi-family houses. Our experts provide professional advice in the selection of individual components ensuring the door will match every investment and customer preferences.

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Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are mainly used in public buildings, industrial facilities, as well as in offices and stores. Our offer includes single and double leaf external and internal window and door systems. In addition to classic aluminium doors, we also offer automatic, sliding and swing doors. The top quality materials and proven production technology make Nitus aluminium joinery not only fashionable, durable and extremely resistant, but most of all safe. Our aluminium doors also provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. As a leading manufacturer of entrance doors, we offer our clients only durable and innovative products that match the requirements and trends of modern architecture.

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Side doors

Nitus aluminium side doors are usually used when the only access to the garage is available through the sectional garage door. In such case, the side door is a very convenient solution, providing easy and quick access without having to open the entire garage door. Available in single and double leaf versions, they increase the functionality of the garage, which is often used to store tools, gardening or tourist equipment. Nitus side doors with a door panel infill perfectly match the sectional garage door. When installed side by side, they form an aesthetic composition, emphasizing the visual qualities of the building. This type of door can also be used indoors – in a boiler room or basement. Depending on the thermal insulation requirements, the side door may be made of profiles with a thermal break – warm aluminium doors, or of profiles without the thermal break – cold aluminium doors.

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