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Pleated insect screens

Nitus pleated insect screens are mainly intended for large French and sliding doors as well as for patio doors. They can also be used in winter gardens and gazebos. It is an excellent solution for skylights. Pleated insect screens can be fitted to any area not exceeding 3 m in height and 5 m in width. They can be mounted in the window recess, as well as directly onto the window frame. Insect screens for French doors, available in several versions, protect the interior of the apartment against insects, pollen, dust and other airborne particles. Pleated insect screens for windows have been primarily designed with space-saving in mind.

Why should you choose pleated insect screens for your windows?

Protection against insects

Insect screens for French doors are a convenient solution to effectively protect against insects during spring and summer. High density square-meshed screen will "surprise" many insects, allowing the residents to rest and relax without being annoyed.

Space saving

When closing, pleated mesh folds like the bellows of an accordion and then partially hides in the guide channel. As a result, the insect screen does not take up much space when folded. It can be rolled up, rolled down and locked at any height, which is a very practical solution.

Free air circulation

Due to the high-density mesh, the insect screen stops annoying insects while ensuring optimum air circulation. The pleated insect screen for French doors also allows free access of natural light into the room.

Design of pleated insect screens

The pleated insect screen for windows is made of aluminium profiles that guarantee its durability. Rigid, pleated mesh that folds like the bellows of an accordion is the most important component of the pleated insect screen. The mesh is supported by several rows of stretched cords. With this solution, the system can be used on very wide windows and doors, while its smooth operation can still be guaranteed. Out insect screens feature a unique smooth movement system, so they can open in different directions. Depending on the mounting location and user’s preferences, the insect screen can operate horizontally or vertically. Movement is provided without any mechanisms, springs or boxes. Both adults and children can easily open or close the insect screen with a functional handle. The insect screen for patio door does not limit the functionality of the window joinery, and the low-profile bottom guide does not obstruct access.

Features of door insert screens

Durable materials

The pleated insect screen frame is made of powder coated aluminium to ensure its resistance to weather conditions. Durable and strong fibre glass mesh can be used even on large window sizes.

Product made to measure

In order to satisfy individual requirements of our customers, all insect screen included in our offer can me manufactured to custom measure. Taking into consideration the dimensions of individual windows and their shapes resulting from creativity of architects or preferences of owners, we are able to complete even the most demanding order.

Easy to clean

Proper care extends the life of insect screens and increases their visual qualities. When cleaning windows, insect screens can also be gently cleaned with soap and water. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

Stylish appearance

The high quality of Nitus insect screens is among others ensured by the frame manufactured of powder coated aluminium. This technology provides our customers with the choice of profiles coated with standard or wood-effect colours. Also known as “anti-insect window net”, the mesh can be supplied in different colours.




Golden Oak



Measure and install insect screens yourself

Our professionals can measure and install the insect screen themselves, but it may not be necessary. Measuring and fitting is very simple, so anybody can do it. To ensure the insect screen fits into the window and to guarantee effective protection against insects, taking precise measurements is essential. To assist you with this, we have prepared a window measuring guide. Fitting the insect screen to your window is also easy. Our pleated insect screens are based on a proven and simple installation system, so they can be assembled and fitted by the customer.

Pleated insect screen measuring guide

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