Our team

Our team consists of qualified and experienced professionals who ensure proper operation of each area. We are constantly improving our qualifications and broadening our knowledge through participation in various types of industry training courses. We believe that supporting employees in their professional development, job satisfaction and friendly atmosphere guarantee that we deliver the highest standard of service to our customers. We are confident that people are our most valuable asset that builds the future of the “Nitus” brand and brings it closer towards achieving our vision.


Customer expectations and satisfaction are our unquestionable priority. That is why we offer our customers both standard and custom solutions based on their individual needs. With this approach, we are able to face up to almost every challenge, and thus to respond to the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The growing demand for our products motivates us to constantly develop and improve their quality. To achieve this, we monitor recent technological achievements, as well as changing market trends. Our mission is to tailor the offer to the preferences of all customers who express their interest in our products.


Our products meet the highest quality and design standards. In the interests of the safe use of our products, we incorporate proven and ecological technologies in our operations. In the production process, we use specially selected materials, we pay attention to details and quality of workmanship, which guarantees reliable operation of our products for many years. We are constantly increasing our own production capabilities, implementing innovative solutions, which translates into high comfort and, above all, satisfaction of our customers.


Along with the well-established domestic distribution network, we also make export sales. Our mission in terms of product distribution is to strengthen our position in areas where we already have trusted business partners, as well as to introduce our products to the markets where potential for our brand exists. We are constantly developing transport and logistic capabilities in order to bring our products to a wider audience of new customers, while building a positive image of the company in all areas. Our many years of experience allows us to offer our business partners top-class products and services, technical support, timely and secure deliveries, which are the factors necessary to gain a long-lasting competitive lead on the market.