PVC windows

PVC windows form an integral and important part of modern architecture. They are an excellent solution for single and multi-family houses, corporate and public buildings. Their great value for money, outstanding visual impact, advanced technology and suitability to almost any opening are the features that best describe Nitus window joinery. Our PVC windows, commonly known as plastic windows, have excellent resistance to weather conditions. Innovative profile technology ensures structure stability and meets the highest requirements in terms of heat and sound insulation, as well as ventilation. As the established manufacturer of PVC windows, we have relevant technical experience that allows us to undertake and complete the most difficult projects.

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Aluminium windows

Nitus aluminium windows fit in perfectly with both traditional and modern architecture. They are used in office, commercial, industrial and even residential buildings. They are an interesting solution for energy-efficient and passive development sector, offering exceptionally high heat transfer parameters. Excellent performance and visual impact are the main features of our modern aluminium windows. Thanks to proven production technologies and the use of top-class materials, they ensure thermal and acoustic comfort, safety and exceptional durability. Due to their durable and lightweight design, large, yet impressive glazing can be designed.

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PVC sliding systems

PVC sliding systems are the latest architectural trend in modern building industry. They will fit perfectly into almost any room – not only in the living room or kitchen, but also in the bedroom, and even in the home office. Large glazed leaves fill the interior with plenty of natural light, providing residents with the filling of freedom, comfort and luxury. Nitus PVC patio door systems comply with all important safety requirements. They are functional, ease to use, provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, as well as unique design. Proper fittings strengthen the structure, so the products can be manufactured in a broad range of sizes.

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Aluminium sliding systems

Aluminum sliding systems are available in different types, depending on the application and specific requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics, thermal and sound insulation. They include structures without thermal insulation suitable for internal applications, as well as solutions based on thermally insulated profiles. Therefore, Nitus sliding systems are perfect for modern single-family homes, exclusive apartments and hotels, providing a comfortable access to balconies or patios. This means that no extra space for the door is required and the interior can be freely arranged. Aluminium window and door systems are also used in winter gardens and porches. Also, they are an excellent solution for public buildings or commercial facilities to separate space in a modern and unique way. Despite the large, panoramic glazing, Nitus sliding systems provide exceptional strength and durability, superior safety, as well as smooth and comfortable operation.

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