External roller shutters

Elevation roller shutters

Elevation roller shutters, also called wall- or surface-mounted roller shutters, are best suited for installation in existing buildings. They provide excellent protection for your home against adverse weather conditions, noise and even burglary. Elevation roller shutters can be mounted either on a wall or in a window recess. A wide range of colours allows to match the visible components – box casing and guides – to the façade or window joinery. Nitus elevation roller shutters are a functional solution intended for home, office and even garden gazebo. External aluminium roller shutters are recommended for both smaller windows, as well as French and patio doors. In order to satisfy customer requirements, elevation roller shutters can be manufactured to any measure.

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Rolety zewnętrzne adaptacyjne

Flush-mounted roller shutters

Due to their design and installation method, flush-mounted external roller shutters guarantee elegant and clean architectural style. They are best suited for new buildings, but also for existing buildings – after modifications within the lintel. For this reason, installation of flush-mounted roller shutters can be carried out in two ways. The first option involves the installation of the roller shutter on the brickwork, while observing proper insulation thickness. The second option provides for installation directly into the previously prepared recess in the lintel. The latter method should be considered before carrying out insulation works. The last step is to cover the face of the box with exterior finish so after the installation it is completely invisible. Flush-mounted roller shutters do not interfere with the window or lintel structure, therefore high thermal insulation of the building is guaranteed. All our external roller shutters, including flush-mounted ones, are manufactured to any measure and include equipment and accessories tailored to the customer’s requirements.

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Rolety zewnętrzne podtynkowe

Top-mounted roller shutters

The undoubted advantage of external top-mounted roller shutters (also called window-mounted roller shutters) is their unobtrusive and elegant appearance resulting from the design specifications. The roller shutter box is installed on top of the window or door frame. Next, the tracks are fixed to the outer part of the window frame, and then the whole set is mounted in the window recess. Top-mounted roller shutters are a perfect solution for new or renovated buildings where windows are yet to be mounted, and the lintel has not yet been specifically shaped. We manufacture all external roller shutters to custom measure, which makes them precisely fit to the window joinery.

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