Tenant storage locker systems

Tenant storage lockers

Tenant storage lockers that meet the requirements of modern construction successfully replace traditional cellars. Perfect for multi-family housing, industrial and warehouse development. Depending on the architectural concept, they can be located on the same level as apartments or on the basement floor. This valuable space can be used by apartment buyers in many ways. In new development projects, this solution is most often used for storing occasionally used equipment and seasonal items that do not fit into the apartment. Nitus tenant storage lockers are generally used as a storage for tourist equipment, a pantry for home-made products, or a small workshop. The aesthetic qualities of partition walls compared to brick or wooden basements are much higher. Although modern tenant storage lockers in apartment blocks have raw finish, their durable structure and robust security devices ensure safety and comfort of use while providing privacy. As a leading manufacturer of tenant storage lockers, we deliver our solutions to construction project throughout the country (including Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice).

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