Insect screens

Framed insect screens

Frame insect screens provide effective protection against insects, pollen and tree and plant particles. They are one of the most popular solutions to protect your house interior against “uninvited guests”. With the window frame insect screens installed, we can open windows at any time of day to bring fresh air into the house. Unlike insect repellents, window insect screens are completely safe for human health. The frame insect screens are a great solution for windows that are opened only to provide air circulation. They form an integral part of the window and do not restrict viewing area. Our insect screens are suitable for PVC, aluminium and wooden windows. Fitting of the framed insect screen is very simple. It is mounted on the outside of the window. It does not damage the window frame and does not require any tools. Sturdy mounting with swivel clips around the frame circumference makes the framed insect screens significantly increase functionality of your windows.

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Door insect screens

Door insect screens manufactured by Nitus are an extremely durable and aesthetic solution in fighting annoying flies, mosquitoes or wasps. They provide excellent protection against insects, guaranteeing safe use of balconies and patios. They can also be used in holiday houses. Insect screens are mounted to the door frame with hinges and magnetic catches to prevent the screen from returning to its closed position. The insect screens with magnetic catches are mounted to the door on the outside, so they do not affect the comfort of using the door. It may remain open, slightly ajar or closed. Balcony insect screens increase the comfort of being outdoors. They are essential from early spring till later autumn. The proven and, above all, inexpensive solution allows to fully open French windows and enjoy beautiful, sunny weather safely. Door insect screen are manufactured to custom only according to dimensions provided by customers. This can guarantee the screens perfectly fit to any size or type of door or window – plastic, wooden or aluminium.

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Pleated insect screens

Nitus pleated insect screens are mainly intended for large French and sliding doors as well as for patio doors. They can also be used in winter gardens and gazebos. It is an excellent solution for skylights. Pleated insect screens can be fitted to any area not exceeding 3 m in height and 5 m in width. They can be mounted in the window recess, as well as directly onto the window frame. Insect screens for French doors, available in several versions, protect the interior of the apartment against insects, pollen, dust and other airborne particles. Pleated insect screens for windows have been primarily designed with space-saving in mind.

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