Tenant storage locker systems

Tenant storage lockers

Tenant storage lockers that meet the requirements of modern construction successfully replace traditional cellars. Perfect for multi-family housing, industrial and warehouse development. Depending on the architectural concept, they can be located on the same level as apartments or on the basement floor. This valuable space can be used by apartment buyers in many ways. In new development projects, this solution is most often used for storing occasionally used equipment and seasonal items that do not fit into the apartment. Nitus tenant storage lockers are generally used as a storage for tourist equipment, a pantry for home-made products, or a small workshop. The aesthetic qualities of partition walls compared to brick or wooden basements are much higher. Although modern tenant storage lockers in apartment blocks have raw finish, their durable structure and robust security devices ensure safety and comfort of use while providing privacy. As a leading manufacturer of tenant storage lockers, we deliver our solutions to construction project throughout the country (including Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice).

Features of tenant storage locker systems

Installation in no time

Installation of modular partition walls is much easier, more convenient and faster than building brick walls. Tenant storage locker systems are light and easy to install, they do not add load to the building structure, and in case of any changes they can be easily removed.

Flexible use of space

Partition walls can be adapted to the shape and specifics of almost any room. Adaptive systems can be installed even in places with a very dense network of heating, water supply, sewer and ventilation installations.


System partition walls made of hot-dip galvanized profiles have excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The structure based on robust and durable materials guarantees the safety of users.

Stable structure

The system structure is made of multi-purpose system panels fixed to strong posts and telescopic masts made of thick sheet metal. To fix the posts to the ceiling, and in order to increase the stability of the entire system, spikes or omega profiles are used.

Space saving

Unit space is increased due to the use of thin partition walls instead of traditional masonry walls. Due to the modular design of the system, it can be adapted to the shape of usable area, and space can be divided evenly.

Rivetless fasteners

Nitus tenant storage lockers feature special connectors for rivetless fastening of the frame structure. Structural elements securely fastened together by riveting create a tight and yet lightweight structure with significantly increased aesthetic qualities.

Tenant storage locker design

Nitus tenant storage locker systems consist of partition walls made of posts, dividing partitions and single- or double-leaf doors. Our offer also includes the possibility of mounting a sliding door, double-leaf side-hinged gate or tilting door. Due to the ready-made elements that only have to be property connected, the installation of the system is simple and fast. All structural elements are made of the highest grade hot-dip galvanized steel, which increases the life of the product and its resistance to moisture or corrosion. The system partition walls have been designed to minimize the number of sharp edges, thus eliminating the risk of injury. Storage locker door feature a padlock eye in standard, or optional pull handle with a hook lock and YALE cylinder. The unit number plate is made of durable plastic with high resistance to damage and aesthetic appearance.

  1. Slat
  2. Hinged or sliding door
  3. Double-leaf gate
  4. Partition wall
  5. Top panel
  6. Mounting post
  7. Door pull handle
  8. Lever handle

Budowa komórek lokatorskich

Nitus tenant storage locker systems

Zabudowa ażurowa NITUS-A

Due to its attractive price, the Nitus-A system is the most popular type of filling of garage units. The system consists of vertical hot-dip galvanized steel slats, spaced 35 mm apart of each other. The openwork design allows to achieve compromise between providing privacy and ensuring proper ventilation of the unit, which is particularly important in underground garages and basements of multi-family buildings.

Zabudowa pełna NITUS P

Nitus-P tenant storage locker system is also very popular and features the same filling as the Nitus-A system. There are no gaps between the slats, which gives users maximum privacy. This system consists of vertical slats with no spacing. The air circulation is provided by spaces between the floor and the ceiling. This solution is an excellent alternative to thick brick walls.

Zabudowa kratowa NITUS-K

Nitus-K tenant storage locker systems is the perfect solution for rooms where proper ventilation is required. The partition is filled with hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh, which is fastened to the structure with wire clamps. Among all tenant storage locker systems available on the market, the Nitus-K system guarantees the best transparency.

Tenant storage lockers in underground car parks

In order to provide the residents of multi-family buildings with greater comfort, developers are increasingly choosing visually appealing garage units mounted in underground floors. Parking spaces can be separated with partition walls with up-and-over or hinged door. Modern garage units manufactured by Nitus guarantee maximum protection and provide privacy, while maintaining proper air circulation inside the facility.

Komórki lokatorskie typ NITUS-K

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